Friday, March 13, 2015

What A Difference Prayer Makes

Ladies, just last week I was reminded of the amazing power of prayer. Wow! Our God is so awesome!!

There was a situation that came about, and I knew that I desperately needed to call upon the Lord as an intercessor for an individual. This situation so burdened my heart that I literally had trouble sleeping because it was so heavy on my mind; I even dreamed about it! It would not leave my mind.

Also, I don’t know how often you have experienced this, but sometimes when the Lord burdens your heart to pray for something, the words just don’t come. I am so thankful that when we don’t’ know what to pray or even how to pray, the Holy Spirit takes our deepest longings and miraculously interprets what we would like to say, and intercedes for us to God. What a blessing!

As I was laboring in prayer, the Holy Spirit brought to my mind Scriptures that I was able to use in my prayers as I talked with God:

I was reminded according to Mark 11:24, that the things we ask for, if we believe that we have received them, they will be granted to us. He gives us faith to believe!

I was reminded that according to Psalm 103:19, God is sovereign over all things, and the situation I was praying about never caught Him off guard. He is in control of all things!

I was reminded as I read the story of Jesus healing a leper in Mark 1:40-45 that our compassionate Savior can immediately speak to a situation and change the outcome. He is able!

I was reminded that when petitions go up to God for help, Psalm 28: 2, 6 assures me that our cries are not ignored; He hears the voice of our supplications. He is attentive to our needs!

I was reminded by the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 32: 17, 27 that as assuredly as the Lord has made the heavens and the earth by His great power, then there is absolutely nothing too difficult for Him to accomplish. He can do the impossible!

As I prayed over my situation, and as you pray over your situations, know and be confident that we have a Father in heaven who hears when we call on Him, and we can trust Him in everything! The psalmist encourages us to “pour out our heart before Him” (Psalm 62:8) because He is a refuge for us in every trial and tribulation, as we pray for ourselves AND as we intercede on behalf of others. Even if He does not answer right away, He can give peace, contentment, and comfort while we are waiting on Him, trusting and preparing to accept whatever answer He chooses to give.

Circumstances may not immediately change as we pray, but our attitudes surely will! What a difference prayer makes!

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