Friday, March 27, 2015

Mantles, Spaghetti Sauce and Religious Freedom

I have deliberated and pondered for way too many days about what to write this week….I have wanted to share with you everything from the profoundly spiritual to some tip or idea or strategy that deals with something that is essential or life changing or helpful.  Yet nothing comes.

I thought about sharing with you necessary things like how to decorate a mantle or how to make the best spaghetti sauce ever or vent about ‘religious freedom’!!  No one wants to hear me rant and on the one hand, mantles and spaghetti sauce are things that sound very much like trivial first world issues….on the other hand….we live in a first world country and need to know such things, right?? 

There is nothing wrong with making your mantle pleasing to the eye…is there?  Surely you have struggled with what to put up there…or in what position, right?  Did you know that at Pier 1 we are taught to display in triangles?  Yep!  Simple trick!!  Look at the photo of our mantle.  Do you see the triangle?? Do you see the difference between the two pictures?  (Sounds like something a Highlander Highlights magazine would ask!!) Which arrangement do you think looks the best?

Take a look at our buffet…do you see how the mirror works with the lamps and the topiary to give balance and a triangle?  Typically, I do not need (or love) everything to be symmetrical…but, as you can see, I was quite symmetrical on this buffet….unlike the mantle….where I was asymmetrical.

Now, wasn’t that useful? Ha!!

About the spaghetti sauce.  There certainly is nothing wrong with me wanting to share with you how to make the absolutely best spaghetti sauce ever….so good in fact, that no one in your family will ever, and I mean EVER want to order spaghetti at a restaurant ever again….it’s that good!!  So….here’s the recipe…yummmm…let it simmer all day and enjoy!!  (Please make it….you won’t be sorry!!)  (Picture me getting up, going in to the kitchen to get the worn out, torn, stained recipe card).

OK G-R-E-A-T!!!  I CANNOT FIND THE RECIPE!!  What in the world??  (Do you hear me yelling at myself??)  Now what am I going to do?  I guess I am going to need to organize my kitchen so I can find it, that’s what!!  Oh, well…on to the next thing….I will give you the spaghetti recipe another day.

I also wanted to rant and rave about the new “religious freedom” bill that was just passed in to law this week in our state.  There have been many arguments and emotions surrounding the debate…much of them focusing on the “rights” a person has to refuse to do business with anyone who does not believe the same way they do.  Now, I am very aware that the law is much more than that….and perhaps it is a good one….honestly I don’t know because I have not read the entire law. 

What I do know is that the Christian community is called to love.  Love our neighbor, love the homosexual, love the Muslim, love the prostitute, love the gossiper, love the lost.  What does love look like to the lost world?  Why would I refuse to sell something in my store to someone who is gay yet have no problem selling to someone who is bitter or unforgiving or a complainer?

Oh my, what to write about?  So….instead of planning a great post….you got me regurgitating what was on my mind!  Random things.  Significant?  Helpful? 

Blessings to you my friends!!

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