Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Not So Desirable...

Roger left at midnight last night to take Wayne to Birmingham, Alabama to the hospital for heart surgery.  Wayne is a member of our church, but has not been there in the 18 years Roger has been the pastor.  Wayne is the 53 year old grandson that was taking care of Mrs. Mahalia, our 100 year old member that just passed away in January.

Wayne has lived a very rough life. He's been in and out of jail, prisons and bars.  With his lifestyle, he has learned to trust NO ONE.  His dad passed away a year ago.  His lifestyle was the same.

For some reason, Wayne and his Dad both grew to love Roger and I.  Wayne has got to have heart surgery and asked Roger to take him.  He has no one else.  Without the least hesitation, Roger told him he would.

Wayne will have to spend the night, then they will release him Thursday.  

Tonight, I am busy, in between blogging, cooking some things for Wayne to have to eat when he gets back home.............chicken and dumplings..........soup...........beans, cornbread, etc.

Many people would and have told us that we are wasting our time messing with him.  He will never come to church.

I feel that God wants us to minister to EVERYONE................even the ones that seem the least likely to respond.  It is our job to plant the seed.................not to judge.  

Jesus did not "pick out the desirable's"....He chose EVERYONE.

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