Monday, April 11, 2016

Cleaning Out Our Closets

Closet clean out time…..I can think of three reasons why we may not like this task: It’s a dreaded task. It’s a lengthy task. It’s a needed task.

Cleaning out our closets, which for most of us, is not on our top ten list of things we look forward to doing. As I write this blog, I am referring more specifically to cleaning out my clothes closet because, quite frankly, I have way too many clothes (yes, I confess)!

In recent years, whenever the spring or fall season turns over on the calendar, I like to take inventory of what I have in my closet, deciding what to keep, what to think about keeping, and what to finally discard altogether.

Let me explain, based on the reasons above, why I (or we) rather not indulge in this task:

1. It’s a dreaded task, because if you are like me, making up my mind to clean out anything is not a whole lot of fun. Yes, it needs to be done, but I could think of many more enjoyable things to fill my time and mental energy. And once again, since I do own a lot of clothes, there’s more to sort through.

2. It’s a lengthy task, and because it takes me a long time, this is also why reason number one is magnified. This is not something I usually do in one day, but I take my time and give the task careful consideration. I don’t consider myself a hoarder, but sometimes we all have those things in our closets that we just can’t seem to give up, and we make excuses (when it comes to clothes) for holding on to things that are too small, too big (that’s a great problem to have), or too out of style.

3. It’s a needed task, because let’s face it, we only have so much closet space. As we make new purchases, where are all these things going to fit! Our closets can begin to fill up with way too much clutter and it becomes difficult to find items when we really need them.

Something very important came to my mind as I thought about this subject. Cleaning out our closets can be a lot like cleaning out sin in our hearts that can clutter our lives.

That’s something to think about, but more about that in my next blog……………….

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