Friday, April 8, 2016


Have I mentioned that I love my preschoolers?  Smile.  I truly have a passion for preschoolers, but even more so since I have two preschool grandchildren.

I love their innocence.
I love their energy.
I love their honesty.
I love their excitement.
I love their eagerness to learn.
I love their ability to soak things up.

I have taught them so long that sometimes I take things for granted.  One night this week I was sharing with a lady about how they really amaze me and how little things stick with them.

I shared with her about how I taught Easter to them.  She said she had not thought of it that way.

We began Easter a week before Good Friday.  That Sunday, we talked about Palm Sunday and how Jesus road the donkey and they layed the palm leaves down, etc.

On the real Palm Sunday, we talked about FRIDAY and what happened.

It was a SAD day because Jesus had to die on the cross to save us from our sins.  (We role played and everyone was very sad.  We even made sad puppets...........)

BUT....three days later was a HAPPY, GLAD day because JESUS CAME ALIVE!!!
(We flipped the sad puppet over and made a smiley face on the other side.  The kids used the puppet to tell their version:  Friday was sad because Jesus had to die, but Sunday was a Happy, Glad day because Jesus came Alive!)

A very simple approach. that even the youngest enjoyed.

I had left-overs from Sunday School, so I taught the lesson to my two year old granddaughter and three year old grandson.  They LOVED it.  They are still telling everyone......Friday was sad (and they get very dramatic)....for Sunday, Jesus came alive!

Of course, my grandchildren and most of my preschoolers have no idea what that really means, but it is planting a seed and starting their growth with simple concepts.

I love my preschoolers!

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