Wednesday, April 6, 2016

M & M's

Are you a Martha or a Mary?

I have been asked to speak at a Ladie's Conference in a few weeks.  The theme is:  Having a Mary's Heart in a Martha's World.

Let's face it.....we live in a Martha World.  All of us are running in circles in this rat race of life, trying to get everything done.

There's a little bit of Martha and a little bit of Mary in all of us.  The important thing is to find the balance.  We need a Mary's Heart and a Martha's gift of Service.

I find myself being a Martha many times without even realizing it.  I am a 
  • a list person
  • a planner
  • a detailed person
  • a perfectionist. 
Since by nature I am a Martha........

I WANT to be more of a Mary.  
I STRIVE to be more of a Mary.
I NEED A BALANCE of a Mary/Martha!

Being a Pastor's tends to force us into the the Martha role.  We have to make sure that everything is "just right" whether it is our household, our church, our children, our family, etc.  We keep up with the schedules.  We balance things and fill in the gaps.

We get so busy making things perfect for everyone else:  our husbands, our children, our church, etc.....that many times we do not drop everything and soak up all of the intimate blessings that Jesus has set aside for us.

Being a Martha is not all bad.
Being a Mary is not all good.  

There has to be a balance. My New Year's goals for this year was to find that magic balance in my life.  I want to take the positive qualities of Martha and add the good qualities of Mary.
I want to be organized and together, but I also want to spend time at Jesus' feet and grow closer to him everyday.

I would like to challenge you to, also, find that magic balance in your life.

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