Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Me Too!

We just got back from Nashville for our Bi-Vocational Council Planning Meeting.  One of the preachers gave a devotion that really hit the spot.  "Me Too!"

Isn't it funny how people, especially church members are always coming up and confessing to us.....when they should be confessing to God?  The preacher this weekend said, I wonder what the people would say if we were transparent.............

For example....
  • suppose a church member came up to you and said, "I must confess, I really lost my temper with a co-worker last week..."  And....you replied.... "Me Too!"
  • a wife says, "There are days that I do not even like my husband," and you replied....."Me Too!"
  • what if a church member said, "I really struggled getting to church today and you replied, "Me Too!"
  • someone said, "I was tempted this week" and you replied, "Me Too!"
  • a wife confessed, "I have been so stressed this week that my house is an absolute wreck" and you replied... "Me Too!"
  • someone confessed that they some of the people at church sometimes makes them angry.....and you replied... "Me Too!"
  • someone say, "My children are giving me fits and I really don't know what has gotten into them".......and you replied... "Me Too!"
  • a church member confesses that they had been so busy lately that they had not spent the quiet time with God that they should have..........and you replied... "Me Too!"
The stories could go on and on.....but you get the message.

Sometimes I think that people (especially our church members) look at us as pastors' wives and pastors and think that we have it ALL TOGETHER and NEVER have any problems. 

Maybe it would be wise for us to sometimes be transparent and let them know that we face the same issues that they do.  We are human too!

"Me Too!"

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