Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Today is my Birthday

Today is my birthday.  I am not going to tell you how old my body is because mentally I feel like a teenager.  Ok, maybe a twenty something.  After I spent my 25th birthday in a complete emotional breakdown because “I was old,” I decided the number of years does not matter.  It is how you see yourself.  Although I believe my mirror tells the truth about my age, inside I still feel like a kid.  So since today is my birthday, I have created a birthday wish list just for me.

1.        Today I do not wish to deal with any “yucky” ministry stuff. 
2.       Today, I wish to eat chocolate and not gain a pound.
3.       Today, I wish to have a party . . . at the beach . . . with my ministry girlfriends.
4.       Today, on my birthday beach trip I wish to decorate fun beach themed cookies complete sprinkles and icing.
5.       Today, I want to wear fun flip flops.
6.       Today, I wish to wear a tiara and a pink boa.  (Every girl need to do this once in her life).
7.       Today, I wish my mom were here to make me a chocolate pie from scratch.
8.       Today, I wish to laugh until I cry.
9.       Today, I wish to kick back and enjoy my family.
10.     Today, I wish the Lord would give me many more years to be His hands and feet to the world.  (My goal is to live to be 100.  First to give my children more years to make me laugh.  Second, I plan to cause some havoc in the retirement home by racing my walker/wheelchair down the hallways while wearing a tiara and pink boa).  

These are my simple birthday wishes.  It does not take a lot to make me happy.  Every minister’s wife deserves a day to celebrate herself.  Most of my wishes are dreams; however, I will wear fun flip flops and indulge in chocolate (even though I will gain weight).  

By the way, if the birthday beach trip could happen, I would invite all of you to join me.  Trust me; there would not be a dull moment.  We would laugh until we cried.

Have a blessed day and thank you for being this pastor’s wife friend!

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