Thursday, September 8, 2016

Come to Me

Summer is drawing to a close.  School has started.  Christmas is looming.  It just seems life stuff is drowning us and too often we let important things like our time with Jesus slide.  Yes, even minister's wives can forget their time with Jesus.

We rush to get our families out the door for school and work.  Then we, mothers and grandmothers, head off in ten different directions-jobs, errand running, household chores, volunteer work, etc.  By the time everyone is home for the evening, fed and in bed, we are too exhausted to even pray.  We simply mutter a quick “thank you and bless my family” as we slip into slumber.

Daily the Lord softly whispers over and over to his children, “Come to Me.” Sadly, we are so tuned in to the world’s thundering voice that we fail to hear Creator of the World’s gentle whisper.  When we fail to heed Jesus’ call, our days can be filled with chaos.  Just sitting at the feet of Jesus for a few quiet moments can bring a new perspective to our lives and calm our stressed and chaotic souls.

Our troubles and busyness will not disappear.  However, if we will run to him and sit at his feet when Jesus beckons “Come to Me,” we will know “what is the width and length and depth and height of Jesus” love for us.

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