Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Time to Transition

While this blog is designed for Ministers' Wives, often our postings are for ANY lady seeking to follow Christ. This is NOT one of those posts.

This IS a posting for the eyes of a minister's wife, because, I know only she can truly appreciate the place I am in right now. It is time to transition.

My husband, Wally, has served our local baptist association for the last 10+ years. As he has visited and filled the pulpit of our various churches over this span, our three daughters and I have been plugged into one group of believers at one church.

Due to God's leading through some recent changes of the last few months, this is about to change.

While Wally is still pleased to serve the association, God has led us to minister to a specific congregation within this group of churches. A week or so ago, he was unanimously voted as their new associate pastor.

We will soon move our membership from the only church our daughters can ever remember attending to a new place. Even though, we aren't physically moving to a new city or a new state - it is a NEW place of service and ministry.

Wally and I are trying to communicate this transition to our girls:

  • The teen gets it and we can already see God growing her spiritually through this experience.
  •  The passionate second grader is another story. She has yet to profess Christ and in her age-expected ways is showing how self-centered she can be. We trust God that she will come around in time. 
  • The "baby" just turned 3 this past Sunday, and is the most flexible, easy-going kid on the planet. Even though she doesn't really understand what is happening, she is definitely along for the ride. 
All of us Vinson girls like to know what to expect. We are not slaves to our schedules and routines by any means, but we all seem to need to know how to envision what will happen next. - We can't yet do that in this time of transition. 

We have not even been in the sanctuary of our new church to be able to imagine worshiping there. Having not seen the Sunday School Classrooms or the nursery, I cannot tell the girls what their Sunday mornings will look like. I want to make this transition the easiest I can for these girlies, but I don't really know how.

On a more personal note, I am praying through where and how and when I will be able to serve this group out of my gifted-ness. The pastor and his wife were wonderful, encouraging me to only step in and serve where God was leading me. 

I have spent the last 22 years working with teens. Is is time for a change? Is God wanting me to serve in another capacity? There is some definite security in doing what I've always done . . .

So, I am seeking your advice.

What things have you done to make similar moves easier for your little people?

What are some verses you've clung to during times of transition? 

How did you find your place of service at the new place?

So, maybe you're not a minister's wife and you've read through my jumble of thoughts. I'd love to hear your feedback too. How has God led you through a time of transition? 


Sara said...

I have to admit I am the girl that cried while she read this.I know where you are at and I hear your heart. I just wanted to tell you I am praying for your family. I know if God moved you there He already has a place for you. We have been at our church less than 6 months. We, like you, did not move to a new city, but it is a new community and much different from what we were accustomed to at our past ministries. I have always been a teen/ladies ministry kind of gal. The need at our new church was children. It has been a huge adjustment, but oh how God has taught me through it already. I know you will be great at whatever it is God is leading you to!

Tara said...

Oh thank you Sara! Your words and prayers mean so very much! I am excited about what God holds for me in the future. Maybe it's the ages of my kids too, but I am enjoying the chance to dream right now too.... Trusting that His ways are better and higher than our ways! I will be praying for you too!