Monday, January 30, 2017

"Imago Dei"

  • Saturday before last, thousands of women marched on Washington DC, downtown Nashville and in countless other global cities with cries of protest for equality and justice.
  • The next day, Southern Baptist Churches across our convention recognized the Sanctity of Life in an annual, planned emphasis. 
  • Last Wednesday, my youngest daughter and I stopped by the rehab center and I fed my mother-in-law Panera's French Onion Soup because she could not feed herself.
  • This past Saturday, the 44th annual Right to Life March was held in our nation's capital with the key note speaker being our newly elected vice president. 
  • Tonight, I turned off the evening news and logged out of my Facebook account due to the constant coverage of the reactions to our president's ban on immigration. 
  • Tomorrow, I will go to my first meeting to sit on the board of our local crisis pregnancy center. 

Notice, that in each of the above statements, I did not offer an opinion, a scripture or a judgment. I just gave a factual statement.

What do all of these seemingly unrelated events have in common?

Each event has everything to do with the "Imago Dei." 

What is the "Imago Dei?" you ask . . . . Translated from Latin, it means the Image of God.

  • It is why we should care what the women were protesting. 
  • It is seeking to understand the racial double standards that do still exist.
  • It is caring for the elderly and the weak and the defenseless. 
  • Its is about being Pro-Life and pro-child and pro-mother and pro-family. 
  • It is being vulnerable to open our borders and our hearts to the least of these knowing that as Christians, America is not our home either.
  • It is doing something in addition to our prayers, putting feet to our faith and actively becoming involved. 
According to Genesis, everyone of us IS "Imago Dei." It isn't just something a few righteous, pious people have. It is who God has made us to be, by His divine design. 

I can't be silent. I feel as if God has been shouting those two Latin words at me for at least 10 days now and I can't NOT say something. 

"Imago Dei" is a theology term that can and should be applied to our lives in very practical ways. So for my blogging turn this week,  I am going to seek to flesh out some of these applications a little. I hope you'll stay tuned and check back in later in the week . . .  

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