Friday, January 6, 2017




That is me.

One of the ladies in our church has felt led to start a blog and has shared the blog with everyone on Facebook. 
I admire her courage and boldness.  She is a very tender, humble Christian lady.

She has posted three posts so far and has a large group following which consists of lots of the church members, friends, families, etc.

I enjoy reading her blogs.

CONFESSION.  Reading her blogs....make me feel even more UNWORTHY.

When Lana first asked me to join the Prime Rib Blogging team and represent the Bi-Vocational Pastor's Wives.....I told her I felt so unworthy.  I then asked her if she asked me so that everyone would enjoy the other ladies since she had "Four Beth Moore's.....and then, Kathy."  Smile.  I make YOU look good.

I still feel very unworthy.

I write.  I write what is on my heart.  I write as if it is my diary.  It does not bother me to write.  Rarely does anyone ever comment so I pretend no one reads them.

BUT....when someone comes up and mentions that they actually READ my blog.  I begin to second guess myself.  As long as I pretend that NO ONE reads them..........I can write.

I admire our sweet lady from church because she is sharing her blog with everyone.

  • I have never told my church how to find The Prime Rib Blog. 
  • I have never told my family how to find the Prime Rib Blog. 
  • I have never told my friends how to find the Prime Rib Blog..  Because I feel so UNWORTHY.
I still even struggle with that feeling as a Pastor's wife.  I feel like the ladies look to me and come to me and I AM UNWORTHY....even after 20 years of ministry at the same church.

I am not even sure why I felt the need to write this blog..........except CONFESSION TIME...and because I am trusting that I will be only person that actually reads this and it helps me to write stuff down.  I am a list person.


Tara said...

OH Kathy! Your words are so very valuable! Christ led Lana to ask you to join us and, as you know, HE gives you and your words their value! Your transparency IS an encouragement to me and others. The way you let us into your life and heart is just one way He uses your worth to impact His kingdom. His plan is SO much bigger than this blog.... Don't let Satan tempt you to think otherwise. I know for sure the rest of us wrestle with these insecurities too! Thank you for being real!

Kathy Britton said...

Thank you Tara for your kind words.