Friday, January 20, 2017

Ta Da!

Here we go again. Big sigh!  It is that time again where as women we make the pledge to get fit or change something about ourselves in the new year.  In my situation, I usually start out with a bang banding chocolate from our house.  However, by the end of week one, my family is begging me to have at least one handful of M & M's and adjust my attitude.

 Yes, we are called to care for our "temples" (bodies). However did you know that we are a work of art?  Pure perfection crafted by the Master Artist?  Each part of our being-every cell, atom, organ-was selected just for us.

Unhappy with your body shape?  Too short?  Too tall?  Big feet? Wide hips?  Flat chested or full chested?  Yes, your body is just how the Master Artist imagined you. 

Dislike your hair?  Too curly?  Too flat? Too straight? I desired curly hair until everyone started ironing their hair and I did not have to.  Yes girlfriends, in the 70's we ironed our hair for perfect straight hair.  Limp and thin?  Dull color?  Bright red hair? Premature grey?  Just think about it.  The Master Artist gently caressed and counted every strand of your hair to create the perfect headdress for you.

Envy your girlfriends blue eyes over your brown ones? I always wanted blue eyes until my eye doctor explained that blondes with brown eyes are rare.  I can say I am unique! Hate your drab green eyes?  Silly girl, God hand selected those gorgeous eyes just to fit that perfect face! 

Freckles, pale skin, dark skin, your accent, your talent, your unique God given gifts, you name it.  Everything about you has been specially selected by the Master Artist.  His loving hands molded us in our mother's wombs.  We are his workmanship.   Wow!  We are his Masterpieces!  There is absolutely no one else like you!

Just think about it.  When the Master Artist, our Heavenly Father, finished creating each of us, he stepped back and shouted, "Ta Da!"

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