Monday, January 1, 2018

A Clean Slate

As a school aged child, I loved getting a new diary every year at Christmas.  I loved to write my thoughts and deepest secrets in it.  Over the years my diaries went from an elementary girl’s silliness to a teenage girl’s joys and heartaches of dating.  My diaries reflected my life at the time and how each year revealed a hope for a clean slate.

Today, I love starting a new journal every year.  To me it represents a fresh start and anticipation of something new.  Although I no longer spill out childhood secrets, I do pen my thoughts from my quiet time.  Sometimes God provides insight to an issue or decision that must be made.  Other times I simply write a scripture in my journal.  Of course, there are tons of prayers for a person who has been laid on my heart that day.  In addition, each year my journal reveals a little more of what God is teaching me and who he is.

In the same way my new journal provides a new start to writing, the Lord gives us a clean slate everyday through our ministry and in our spiritual life.  The Lord promises, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow.”

I am glad I serve a Heaven Fatherly who allows me to start afresh daily with a clean slate.  How about you?

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