Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Challenge: To Face My Fear

Many of you know from my blog posts that I am a chocoholic, beach lover who loves Jesus.  You know I am a pastor’s wife, mother, and grandmother.  You probably have figured out that I am just a bit “crazy” when it comes to having fun with my girlfriends.  However, there is one thing you do not know about me. I am a people pleaser and I have a fear of failure.

From childhood to present, I have always known this about myself.  Over the years, I have learned to face many failures with grace and know that the Lord loves me regardless.  It is still disappointing to me to not meet the expectations of people around me.

However, I realized something this week.  It may seem so silly to you but that’s ok.  I realized that my fear of failure and people pleasing is a sin from Satan.  It is a lie from the pits of hell.  The only person I have to be concerned about pleasing is the Lord.  And let’s face it, even if we do disappoint him with our sinful nature, the Lord loves us with a never-ending love.

Over the past several months, God has placed a restlessness in my heart.  It is a yearning to do more for him.  I have prayed and mediated and I recently met with a trusted, Godly individual who listened to my story.  She said, “Sister, God has a great adventure waiting for you.  All you need to do is take the next step.”

There maybe one of you out there in cyberspace who is fearful of taking the next step for the Lord.  Maybe you and your husband feel called to go on the mission field far away from family and friends.  Maybe you to are a people pleaser and afraid of failure.  I challenge you to pray and seek the Lord’s will.  Seek out a godly person who can listen to your story and give godly wisdom.  As for me, I have accepted the challenge to face my fear of people pleasing and failure head on.  I have a plan and I am giving it to the Lord.

So, sisters, I am selfishly asking for your prayers and I follow the Lord’s leading. 

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