Friday, April 8, 2011

Births and Deaths

The Bible tells us that there is a season for everything under heaven. You are familiar with the passage from Ecclesiastes that the Beatles made famous for their generation and generations to come.

People are born and people die everyday. But have you ever noticed that they seem to come in waves?

In the last six weeks I had five friends birth six babies. I have two more friends that are due in the next six weeks. Before then, it had been over a year since I had the blessing of holding a newborn. In the same time frame I have learned that several more friends will see their families grow this fall, as they have received exciting news of babies themselves. It has been a joyous time of praise.

In the last week, I have had three co-workers lose loved ones. In addition, two family matriarchs have passed this week too. Even one of my sweet friends has miscarried. Before this week, I can say that God has been gracious that I have not visited the funeral home in nearly a year. While I did not know any of these five people, I do know people who loved them. Each situation was different, some sudden and tragic while others were peaceful and expected. But each has been a time of sorrow and loss - in some circumstances, praise.

God is God in each family I have mentioned. He is the Author of Life. None of this has come to a surprise to Him and we are sent back to Him as a child runs to her Daddy. Whether we are excited to welcome a new life into the world or sadden to see one go, we know that He is in charge. He is there and He is taking care of everything.

I am spending a lot of time in prayer and in the kitchen making meals. Please join me in praying for these families. Please pass on your insights in ministering to these families as they experience these life cycles. And, on a less spiritual note- I would love a new recipe or two for chicken casserole!

By the way, last month we celebrate God's gracious blessing of two years of life with our little one. Here is a picture from her birth!

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