Friday, April 13, 2012

Awesome God

We serve an AWESOME GOD!!!

Even through trials and tribulations, we see God's working hand all around us.  I can not even begin to list all of the answered prayers we are experiencing daily.  Being a Christian, why should this surprise us?  I don't think it really surprises me, I think I am just always in AWE of witnessing HIS POWER.
Please continue to pray for our family.  This is not an easy time for any of our kids.....  We live in Rhea county.  Our daughter is in Meigs County where she is teaching school and our son-in-law is in Dyer County all the way across the state during the week where his job as of March transferred him.  (They are in the process of praying and seeking God's will about what they will do when school is out.)  Our son is in Sumner County where he works and our daughter-in-law is in Cumberland County trying to finish up her Nutrition Field Study so she can graduate in May.  This is not an easy time for any of them, but with God's help, they are surviving and making do with this temporary separation.  Praise the Lord, they do manage to spend the weekends together.

My husband and I feel like we need to "take care of" everyone, so therefore we are checking on all four kids regularly to make sure they do not need anything.  Guess that is just the "parenting".  You should see me during "weather alert days".....I am trying to keep up with the warnings of five counties!  We will ALL just be glad when they can ALL be back together all the time.

As "the parents", it has been refreshing to observe the "growth" that these separations have caused.  Both couples have grown closer to God and closer to each other.  They have shown their maturity by taking an undesirable situation and making the best of it.  God is still in control.......ALL THE TIME.

Aren't YOU glad we serve an Awesome God?

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