Monday, April 16, 2012

Facing Our Giants

Do you have a GIANT in your life?  Do you have a huge, nagging issue that you are dealing with, a monumental situation that simply will not go away?  Is there a “GOLIATH” in your midst that keeps taunting you, robbing you of inner peace and joy?  Well, my sisters, there is hope and encouragement found in a very familiar story that many of us have known since we were little kids.

You are probably familiar with the narrative of David and Goliath, found in 1 Samuel Chapter 17.  It is the triumphant story of a brave young shepherd boy who singlehandedly took on the fierce, nine foot tall Philistine warrior named Goliath.  David’s use of five small stones (it only took one to bring the giant down) and a simple slingshot brought an end to many days of threats and taunts spoken by this tyrant who spread fear among the entire army of Israel.

But wait!  Was it really David’s weapons that ultimately slew the giant, or was it his huge, unrelenting faith and trust in the Almighty God, whom David described as “The Lord of Hosts”!  This name of God pictures Him as commander of the armies of heaven and earth. Who can stand against Him?

We have much to learn from this brave, future king of Israel.  David knew that Goliath was no match for an all powerful God. Can the Lord conquer anything? YES!!!  Whatever you consider a “GIANT” in your life, it is no match for The Lord of Hosts!

So, what is your GIANT?  Is it a difficult spouse, a rebellious child, a back stabbing co-worker, or a hostile neighbor?  Could it be an unforgiving attitude, anxiety, depression, selfishness, pride, or outbursts of anger? Right now, one GIANT that my husband and I are facing is raising a teen and a pre-teen in today’s tough culture…what a task!

Whatever your GOLIATH is, lay it before the Lord, and fervently pray for God’s wisdom and guidance on how to handle it.  If you get an opportunity this week, read this awesome story again in 1 Samuel 17, and let it inspire you to take on the GIANTS in your life!  And be reminded of what David said in 1 Samuel 17:47 “…..for the battle is the Lord’s…..”.  With the Lord of Hosts on our side, we can face our GIANTS!!

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