Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfect Job

A dear recently called to tell me that she found the perfect job for me.  It is actually ranked number two on a list and is only preceded by  a “bed tester” who actually goes from hotel to hotel testing beds.  However, I am fully qualified for the second ranked job-Godiva chocolate taster.  You actually get paid to eat chocolate!  This is one position I know at which I would be highly successful.

 Have you ever wondered if there is a perfect job for you?  I know I am not called to be a nurse.  That requires blood and needles and I can’t stand to see people suffer.  Do not give me a position in the preschool class because these toddlers and their tantrums give me hives.  Teaching a Bible study class terrifies me.  However, I love teenagers, singing, and serving through hands on missions.

 In our churches there are always positions that need to be filled.  When no one steps up, to whom does the committee come?  Haven’t you been asked to take a position because no one else will fill it? Haven’t you been told that because you are the staff wife and they cannot get anyone else to step in the position that you should take it on?  Oh, I have.  After suffering for years in positions that were not where God wanted me, I have learned to respond by saying, “well let me pray about it and see what God tells me.”  Just because we are ministers wives does not mean we should be assigned a role in which we do not feel led of God.  

 I met a ministers wife a couple of years ago who did everything from cleaning the church to being the youth leader.  In addition, she had to care for her family in her spare time.  She did not have a time to take care of herself.  This poor lady was so used up, burned out, and overwhelmed that she was completely useless to God’s kingdom and her family. 

 Ladies, I have been in the same shoes as this sweet sister.  When I finally went to the doctor because I was physically sick, he told me to resign everything except from one position at the church.  I can say that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I love my church and my Lord, but I realized I was not being useful for His kingdom.  I did resign everything then began to pray where God wanted me to serve.  When He revealed the place and I began serving again, I was at complete peace.  I knew I was in my perfect job.

Yes girlfriends, there is a perfect job for all of us in the church.  Our job is to prayerfully seek where God-not a committee-is leading us to plug in.

 Ok girlfriends, what is your perfect job (within the church or out in the world)?

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