Monday, May 14, 2012

Answered Prayers!

Through God...All Things Are Possible!!!

I requested prayer for our daughter and her husband a few months ago. They were having fertility problems and things were not looking very hopeful. In fact, the first of December, the Specialist told her that the only other option was VERY EXPENSIVE, insurance would not pay any and she still only had a less than 25% chance of conceiving. She said that mentally, emotionally and financially she could not handle any more and chose to quit the Specialist for the time being and instead went back to her Midwife/Nurse Practitioner and broke down. She told her what the specialist had said and the Midwife said "Kacie, the specialist is only a doctor and you and I know 'the Great Physician" and we will NOT give up but will continue to she had a few suggestions and medications to try. Praise worked!!! Through lots of PRAYER and with God using "Nurse Katie".....Kacie is now 11 weeks pregnant and mom and baby are doing GREAT.

Continue to remember Kacie and Chase in your prayers. He is still working in West Tennessee and trying to find employment back in East Tennessee so they can be together. Pray for a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and pray for "Nurse Katie" as she guides them through this miracle path of life. "Baby Hicks" is due to arrive sometimes around December 5th...."mom" came 3 1/2 weeks who knows. Smile.

Many times when we, too, are faced with hardships, we want to give up or be angry with God. Kacie and Chase never gave up and they praised God through their year and half of trials. Wow....if we could all be so faithful.....just imagine how many answered prayers we would have.

Thanks again for praying for them and continue to remember them in your prayers. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!!!

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