Thursday, May 17, 2012

God is With Us

I know that many of you probably get tired of hearing about my personal life, but if you will go back and read some of my first blogs, I warned you......I am a detailed person.  My husband always wants to just see the head of the baby, but I HAVE TO give him the nine months leading up to that point.  Smile.  I am such a detailed person, a blogger I am asked to blog twice a week at least during my week and I usually have to tighten the reins to keep from blogging more than five times.  That's just the way I just proves that God can use ANYONE. 

I truly feel like a blessed woman.  I have a great husband, "four" wonderful children, two smart grand-dogs and a precious grandbaby on the a fabulous church and lots of marvelous friends.  What more could a person ask for?

Every day I look all around me and thank God for all that he has given me.  I do not feel worthy to be so blessed but am honored that he chose me to bless.  Do you think it is possible to ever feel that we deserved God's love, compassion, blessings and mercy after everything that he has done for us?

Don't get me wrong.......I do not have a perfect life.....I just have a God centered life.  We just spent a year and a half with our daughter and son-in-law battling infertility.  We are currently praying and trying to patiently wait for God to find our son-in-law a job back in East Tennessee....where they live, our daughter teaches and her doctor is located.   Our son and his new bride have just spent the first four months of their marriage mostly apart. 

God never promised us an easy life....he just promised to be there WITH us all the way.  Aren't you glad we have help?

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