Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Conference Update

The last time I blogged, we were getting ready to attend the Bi-Vocational Pastors and Wives Conference in Pigeon Forge.  What a blessing.  If you are a Bi-Vocational Pastor's Wife, I would like to encourage you to make plans to attend next year.  You will not be sorry you did.  It is well worth the $175 for the conference.  Since we are bi-vocational and do not get to attend the Southern Baptist Convention, our church sends us to the Bi-Vocational Conference every year.  They tell us it is well worth it because through the conference we get renewed and come back excited.

This year's conference was about Renewing Your Relationship with the Master, with the Ministry and with your Marriage.

On Friday, we had a special service where we re-newed our wedding vows.  What a special service.  The day before, our husbands were instructed to write us a letter and give it to us after this ceremony.

I am telling you....the conference is well worth the money.  We left feeling closer to God....closer to our spouses and excited to about our churches.

On top of the awesome conference every year........and yes, every year we go away saying it will be hard to top THAT one....and every year it seems as if we manage to top it.  But, on top of the awesome conference, you build friendships.  We have met couples through our 14 years of attending this conference that we would have never met any other way.  We fellowship, laugh, cry and keep in touch during the year.  It is important to have this, especially as pastors and wives.

So....we watching for dates and times.....and plan to attend next year!!!  Hope to see you.

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