Monday, March 11, 2013

Please Pray

Dear Sisters,

I am writing this morning to request your prayers.

The last 48 hours have been unreal and the next 48 will also be so very hard to comprehend.

My husband's older brother passed away very unexpectedly Saturday evening from a very sudden and very fierce infection. After nine cardiac arrests, the specialists at Vandy could not resuscitate him one more time and James went to be with Jesus.

Those of us left behind are in shock. A week ago, he was at my house giving me a hard time as he and his wife, Cindy, beat us in yet another card game. I can't believe that we won't play again!

Please keep us all in your prayers - especially Cindy, their 12 year-old daughter, Chandler, and my precious Mother and Father-in-Law.

I would also value any scripture you could post on this blog as an encouragement to our family.

Thank you in advance for keeping us before the Throne!



Pat said...

So sorry, Tara!! Praying for comfort and understanding for all of you.
Psalm 46
Philippians 4 (especially verses 7 & 19)
Romans 15:13

Kathy Britton said...

I am sooo very sorry. Praying for you and your family. For us humans, death is very hard. We are NEVER ready to loose our loved ones.