Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weeds in my Garden and Spots on my Windows

Have you ever noticed that some people think ministers and their families are perfect?  I cannot tell you how many times ladies in the church or people I meet believe our homes must be harmonious, perfectly clean, and children absolutely precious and obedient at all times.  I have even had some people state, “Oh, but I am sure you never sin.”  Please!!!

I have lots of weeds in my garden and spots on my windows.  First I have an addiction-chocolate.  It may be a harmless substance but I do have to have it daily.  On a serious note, I often struggle with sin that pops up like those pesky weeds in my garden.  For example, I worry.  No matter how often I pluck it out of the garden of my heart and place it at Jesus’ feet, I seem to always pick it up and examine it some more.

Then, the window of my heart gets cloudy and spotty just like the windows of my home.  I can wash them but the spots and dirt come back.  For instance, I do get angry and sometimes have bitterness.  I continually ask Jesus to help me overcome this sin but Satan has a way of knowing my weakness.  He will often throw a little more mud on my heart’s window.

I learned years ago that even as a minister’s wife I am not perfect.  Until Jesus calls me home, I will always have a few weeds in my garden and spots on my window.  Thank God loves me just as I am-an imperfect sinner saved by Grace.

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