Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wrap It Up

I teach school so therefore, it is that time of year when we completely "wrap it up".  Yesterday was a work day.  Today....we give out grade cards.  Our rooms are packed away; everything is labeled and off the floors.....and a very short Summer Break begins.

Whewwwww....what a year.  The end-of-the year chaos is always CRAZY.  The students are ready to move on.................we the teachers are ready to close one chapter and begin another one.  We are burned out and ready for a rest.  Come August, we will face our new group of students with re-newed excitement and energy.

Let's less than a week and a half, Vacation Bible School starts....and don't forget I teach the pre-schoolers on Sunday morning and Wednesday my teaching days do not completely come to a siesta in the Summer....only my 6th Grade Computer Lab rests. 

I will miss this years' students; some more than others.  BUT, I look forward to a new group of students next year.  Life moves on.

You know...sometimes in real life, we need to just stop and "wrap it up" and open a new chapter.  Sometimes it is time to move on.........sometimes God is speaking to you to try a new adventure........sometimes you are just in a rut.........and sometimes you just need to stop and count your blessings. 

Regardless.....from time to time, let's "wrap it up" and start with a new energy!!!

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