Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dear Church Member...Part 1

Dear Church Member,
1.      You are the best thing about being a pastor’s wife—and you are the worst thing about being a pastor’s wife.

2.      Please never say, “Oh that’s right, you are not one of us.”

3.      Sometimes I am afraid to wear something new to church because I wonder what you might think about me having something new.

4.      Just because my husband’s car is not at the church office does not mean he is not working.  Sometimes he is up in the middle of the night for hours praying for you.

5.      When you criticize my husband, you are criticizing me too…and visa versa.  We are one.

6.      Sometimes I don’t want to go to church.

7.      Each time you have a negative thought or word about my husband or the church or me or my children, replace it with a positive thought or word about my husband or the church or me or my children.  I am learning to do that for you.

8.      I wanted to buy a can of beer to put into a Southern Living magazine recipe for chili and was afraid someone would ‘catch’ me and think I was going to drink it….I felt rebellious and bought it anyway.

9.      The church of satan prays that my husband will fail, that my family will fail and that the Christian church will fail.

10.  It would be helpful if you would not look me over from head to foot when I come in to the church…and then say nothing.

11.  It is OK if other people in the church don't know that we are friends.

12.  It is hard and heart-breaking if you leave the church....or stop coming.

13.  Never get to the place where you believe you know all there is to know about God and His Word.....always be a life-learner....especially when it comes to things of God.

14.  I am lonely.

15.  I am grateful for you.

16.  I am fearful.

17.  I am encouraged….I get discouraged.

18.  I feel/am inadequate to be your pastor’s wife.

19.  I love you!!!

20.  I want to be your friend but I don’t want to talk about church stuff.

With much love,

Your pastor’s wife

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