Friday, August 9, 2013

Philosophies of Life

Many years ago, my brother typed out his “Philosophies of Life” for his four children and posted them on their bedroom walls. After I started back teaching, I decided to modify them and use them in my classroom.

My brother’s Philosophies of Life were:
1. Life is Not Fair.
2. There is No Such Thing as Free Lunches.
3. Always put God First and Do Your Very Best.
4. Get Over It.

My modified Classroom Philosophies of Life are:
#1. Life’s Not Fair!
#2. Nothing is Free.
#3. Do Your Best!
#4. Get OVER IT!

#1. Life is not fair. It is not fair that I am shorter than most of my students. It is not fair that children get sick and die. It is not fair that people get cancer. It is not fair that sometimes parents divorce, etc.

#2. Nothing is Free. Even the breakfast that is available for all students everyday at school at no cost. Someone somewhere had to pay for the food. Someone’s hard earned money paid for it, so we need to appreciate and respect everything because nothing is free.

#3. Always do your very best. Your best may be better than someone else’s or it might not be as good as someone else’s, but the important thing is: No Matter WHAT you are doing, ALWAYS do the VERY BEST you can to.

#4. Get over it. Life deals all of us a bad card at different times. Sometimes we lose a loved one to death. Sometimes we get hurt or sick. Sometimes bad things happen. BUT, regardless of our “cards”, we MUST not let it control our lives. We MUST realize it is what it is and pick up the pieces and become and stronger and better person in the process.

I guess we could all benefit by following the philosophies of life.

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