Thursday, August 8, 2013

School Daze....

School Daze......

No.  I did not misspell the beginning of school, we are always in a daze.  Smile.

Right now, in Tennessee, all teachers are experiencing mixed emotions.  If the pressure of the TEST SCORES were not they are trying to cut our salaries, etc.  The field of education is treading on thin ice right now.  I mean....who do we believe?  What are the answers?  How can ALL children learn, etc.

No matter how great a teacher is.....the result of the tests depend on what the child is going through or has been going through in his/her personal lives.  We can not control what goes on at home.  We can not control the mood of the child.....

Sometimes it seems hopeless.....

THEN.....I stop and take a deep breath.  From the bottom of my heart, I do not believe anyone should go into teaching for the money.....or for the summer vacations.  (Let's face is not great and summer vacations get shorter every year.) 

 A teacher should have a special CALLING.  He/she should feel led to go into education.  It is not about the money................and it is not about the test scores.  It is about making a difference in children's lives.

Teachers must stop and remember:  you may be the ONLY positive role model in that child's life.  YOU can make a difference.  You are important.

I am a public school teacher so I am writing this in reference to them.....BUT it also applied to Sunday School teachers.  You MUST have a calling from God and have a love and compassion for the children.

Even if you do not feel like God is calling you to be a teacher....the concept can also be applied to anything that God is calling you to do.  If it is your passion and your calling....regardless of what it is, pour your entire heart into it and do the best you can and God will bless you.

Many times, even as Christians, we loose our focus.  Being a pastor's wife is NOT a glamorous job.  It is not even a job that gets a lot of positive recognition.  Many times it is a position that is filled with judgment and criticism.  We are pastors' wives because that is what God called us to be.  Our focus should be on pleasing God and not pleasing man.
Pour your entire heart and soul into the calling and God will bless you

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