Monday, February 10, 2014

Great Rewards in Ministry

“What rewards in ministry?  Has she lost her mind?”  Maybe you have recently had a confrontation with a Mean Mary or Hateful Harry.  Possibly you have discovered business meetings are not always “in an orderly fashion.”  Sometimes ministry just gets plain stinky and nasty.  That is when you find yourself wondering if all the work you are doing for the Lord is really worth it.

Oh sisters, yes it is!  My husband and I have faced some pretty difficult days in the ministry over our 36 years of marriage.  (We married one year after high school and started ministry immediately).  We have faced the Mean Mary and Hateful Harry.  We have seen business meetings blow up.  We have even questioned why we do what we do.  However, God always reminds us that He called us to do His work and not to quit.  We will see our reward in eternity.

However, sometimes God allows us to catch a glimpse of His rewards for us.  Just think about it.  Every time a person finds salvation in Jesus that is one of our rewards.  Every time a broken marriage is healed that is a reward.  Every time a wayward child comes back to the Lord that is a reward.

My husband and I just witnessed a great reward this past Sunday.  Our church has begun a church plant in an area with low-income multi-housing units.  Our church, along with our state convention and association, came together for a celebration service to commission the young man to lead this church plant.  Girlfriends, it was a truly moving sight to see our church empty the pews to lay hands on and pray for this young man and the church plant.  However, the reward did not stop there.  My husband baptized a six year old boy who told his mama he was going to be a preacher like Bro. Ricky.  Now, he is young but God can call little ones to His service.  What a great reward!  Oh, but I am not finished.  At the end of the service, my husband called to the front a recent convert to Christianity.  This sweet new believer is leaving this week to return to her home country.  Our church again emptied the pews, laid hands on, and prayed for their new sister in Christ.  We prayed for her protection and that she would be a witness.  How is that for a great reward?

So see girlfriends, our ministry may get difficult at times and we want to give up but we do not see the big picture.  God has our ministries in His Hand.  He spurs us on in His work.  We cannot give up for we will have great rewards in Heaven.  Oh, and sometimes we get a glimpse of those rewards here on earth so we can be encouraged.

What are some of the rewards God has revealed to you to keep you encouraged?

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