Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Learning To Wait

Have you ever been stuck in a snow storm? Well that is exactly what happened to me and my daughter and countless others when a surprise winter storm came through our city; it’s not that the storm dumped tons and tons of snow, but the small amount that we did have became ICE!

The winter wonderland was beautiful no doubt, but it brought a big headache to a city that is usually not prepared for things such as these. With schools being dismissed, parents trying to get to kids, workers leaving jobs, and others just trying to get home before things got worse, the situation got very chaotic to say the least.

My daughter and I had just left a Bible study, and we were trying to get home……..a 20 minute trip home took 3 ½ hours that day! After much traffic gridlock, and spinning and sliding on ice that had, in a very short amount of time, stuck solid on the crowded streets, we were stranded and had to wait and be patient, which is sometimes hard to do in this face-paced “got to have it now” culture.

A part of the street I was traveling on was inclined, and it got the best of me, so eventually, with the help of some very kind strangers and me attempting to maneuver our car, I managed to get to a side street, out of harm’s way from the rest of the sliding and skidding cars.

That time of waiting, which seemed like forever that day, made me stop and think about how we sometimes have to wait on God to move in our various situations and circumstances because we have no control. Those times when we feel helpless and hopeless, we can be sure that the Lord has not abandoned us, like I had to eventually abandon my car. He stays right there with us because He cannot leave. Why? He promised that he would never leave us, and He is faithful to every single one of His promises!

I thank the Lord that He is always with us on the slippery slopes of life. What really kept me calm in all I experienced that day was prayer. I truly felt God’s peace. So in those times of waiting, pray, pray, pray, and pray some more. Sometimes our loving Father may not immediately take us out of the situation or circumstance, but He sure will give us His peace and His presence right in the midst of it.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

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