Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mission Trip 2014

My sisters, thanks to all of you who lifted up prayers, petitions, supplications, and entreaties to the Lord for me and the mission team that went to Jamaica last month. I had requested your prayers in my last blog in March, and the Father truly answered in a mighty way!!

As I mentioned in my March blog, I was blessed to go for the first time in April of 2013, and God did some wonderful things through our team and in my life last time. Well, our God did it again! Lives were changed, souls were saved (Hallelujah!), and blessings were in abundance!

There were specific things that I had asked for all of you to pray for and here is how the Lord graciously answered:

Prayer request #1: Our mission team will be given travelling grace and mercy as we fly to and from Jamaica and while we are on the island. God’s answer: All of us who went got to our destination safely, and we had no problems during the three hour bus ride to our area of ministry. During our stay, as we were transported to different places among winding, narrow roads, and with fast drivers, the Lord truly guarded our going out and coming back again!

Prayer request #2: The Lord will do many great and wonderful things through each individual that is going. God’s answer: As we shared testimonies with one another each evening after the various ministry activities, it was quite evident that God had done a work in all of our lives, and there was always much rejoicing among our group!

Prayer request # 3: The people in Jamaica will be attentive to the gospel message and will be eager to ear God’s Word as it is taught at the various scheduled events. God’s answer: While we were in Jamaica, a youth rally was held at one of the schools, and about sixty-five middle and high school students professed that they wanted to receive Jesus Christ as Savior!!! I had the wonderful privilege of leading a group of ten students in prayer to receive Christ….God is so amazing!!! Also, by the end of our women’s conference that we held, over twenty women had come to faith in Christ!!! The Lord was Faithful to save souls, and we were extremely blessed to share in that experience.

Also, as many of us taught, as some shared testimonies, and as the pastors/ministers preached, we all saw the power of the Holy Spirit move, not only in our lives, but also in the lives of the Jamaican people that we were blessed to minster to. Many were so excited that they begged us to return in the future.

My last prayer request was that Our Savior would be honored and exalted in all that was said and done, and I confidently believe that He was in an awesome way!

Again, thanks for all the prayers!

**If the Lord has touched your live in a special way through a mission trip experience, I would love to hear from you**.

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