Sunday, April 6, 2014

PW: Prisoner of War or Pastor's Wife???

A couple of weeks ago, our church ordained two young men; one as a deacon and one as a minister.  As we were shaking hands with them and their wives afterwards, I commented to the new minister's wife, "Welcome to the club; the PW club."

She asked me if that was the same thing as the prisoner of war club?  We got a good chuckle out of the joke, etc.  

Afterwards, I got to pastors' wives, we many times feel like a prisoner of war.  I mean, once you are labeled a PW....pastor's wife, Satan is going to work overtime to discourage throw curves to your irritate you so you can take it out on your cause your children to act up, etc.  He is going to battle to try to use you to get to your husband.  If he can tear down a marriage....or even rock the boat or anything STOP your HUSBAND'S MINISTRY,  he has gained victory. 

As ministers' families....we are always in the line of attack.  Satan uses our church members; our friends; and anyone he can find to distract us and pull us into the "world".  

We do not have to be prisoners of war............we can stay PRAYED UP, MEDITATED UP, STUDIED UP, etc. and send Satan a trotting and not give him a chance with us.  BUT....we MUST load up on Bible Study, Meditation, that we can FIGHT SATAN and not give him a chance.

Then and only then can we truly sit back and enjoy being PW's.......Pastors' Wives.

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