Thursday, April 24, 2014

When I Grow Up I Want to Be . . .

When I was in high school, one career I consider was that of an airline stewardess.  I love to travel and I love meeting new people.  On Career Day at my high school, a fellow student and I walked into the classroom that hosted an airline company.  We sat and listened to the glamorous lifestyle of people in the industry.  When it was time to ask questions, we both wanted to know the requirements for the career field.  Immediately, our bubble burst.  One requirement at that time was to be at least 5’6” tall.  At barely five feet three inches neither of us passed the first requirement. (Thankfully, that requirement is no longer in existence).  However, it was back to the drawing board to focus on another career.
When I began writing this post, I wondered if any of us really planned to be a minister’s wife.  I do not recall thinking along these lines.  Oh, I considered being a missionary and traveling to the wilds of Africa but I am scared to death of snakes.  I thought about being a teacher but I could not handle students who do not do their homework.  But being a minister’s wife really never crossed my mind.  Instead I just fell into the roll when I married my husband.
This career choice is not glamorous.  Oh, we get to meet new people, travel from place to place, and live in some interesting homes.  But being a minister’s wife is more like a builder.  You are working nonstop from sun up to sun down to build the Kingdom of God.  Sometime you may get a nice long bubble bath but much of the time you are rushing to meet the demands of the people.  Many times there is a nice cool breeze blowing while we work but sometimes a heat wave comes and makes the job even harder.  It is then that we must take a break to rest and refocus our energy in order to complete the work God has called us to. Oh and girlfriends, ministry can gets dirty.  Sometimes we have to tackle difficult issues, minister to those who are totally different from us, and mend broken relationships.  No, I would not call this career of being a minister’s wife glamorous.
However, being a minister’s wife is such a blessing.  We meet people, travel the world, and get to live in interesting homes.  We work nonstop for God’s glory and minister to all types of people.  When difficult situations arise, God ALWAYS shows up.  He continually blesses us over and over and never leaves us alone.  Hmm, I think this career choice many be glamorous after all!
Is girlfriends, what did you really want to be when you grew up?  Are you living your dream career?
My second choice of a career was to be a writer.  I guess I am living that dream out by writing for ministers’ wives blogs. 

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Lana said...

I'm glad God gave you your second career choice. Miss you in TN!