Friday, April 4, 2014

The Bigger Picture

My husband is not the typical minister. He isn't a pastor and he doesn't even work for a church. Actually he works for approximately 46 different churches and ministries. He works for our local Baptist Association.

As a result, we get a really unique perspective on what God is doing throughout Montgomery County and beyond. We know how God is moving and where He is blessing. We hear reports of revival and can rejoice with congregations of various sizes, ethnicity's and histories.

From this perspective we also have a vantage point that allows us to know the troubles and tribulations of the various churches in our area too. We hurt with ministers and their wives we know are facing tough, hurtful situations. We ache to see churches undergoing divisive disagreements and even lawsuits. We shake our heads when he hear of segments within a congregation that stir trouble and handicap the body of Christ.

Ladies, it is easy to get caught up in the bubble that is your individual church. A sense of competitiveness can creep in and it is easy to feel like "our church is better than your church, " when everything is going great. But the reverse can be true too. When everything seems to be crashing down around us in ministry, it can seem like the grass is greener in the church building down the street. Or, that no one can relate, that we are all alone, facing these spiritual attacks by ourselves.

Let me encourage you to do something to see a bigger picture, to change your perspective . . .

Remember, we are all part of the Universal Church and we've all been called to the same ultimate purpose. We ARE all in this together. Let's stop judging and lay aside our self-righteous airs.

The minister's wife in that church down the street may be going through -or has once gone through, something similar to what you are facing. She might NEED you and not even know it or know how to reach out to you.

I know your schedule is busy. I know how hectic it can be to keep up with your family and your church and your job too. But let me also remind you that you are part of a unique sorority of ladies.

Take a step back and look around. See where and how God is moving in the churches around yours. Look for ways to simply reach out and exchange a "I-know-what-it's-like" with a counterpart in another congregation. Check out what your local association may be doing for minster's wives. Rejoice with one another. Pray for each other. Be there.

God is moving on a scale that is bigger than our individual churches and ministries. Take some time and explore where you, your husband and your church fit into the bigger picture.

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Pat said...

VERY well said!!! Thank you!