Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Be a Braggart

To brag-worthy of being bragged about
A braggart-boastful

When a person brags on themselves, we can get a little defensive and even jealous.  Sure, some accomplishments should be bragged about but for the most part, a braggart is conceited and wants all the attention.  We tend to avoid people like this.  As a minister’s wife, when I must listen to someone brag about themselves all the time, I just smile and drift off into a chocolate covered dream world.

However girlfriends, we need to start bragging.  You are probably says, “Wait! Brag about myself?”  Yes girlfriends, brag!  I want you as ministers’ wives to take the challenge this year to brag about what God is doing your life and in the life of your church.  Why, because we live in an increasingly lost, negative world who hates the church and God.

In the last several weeks I have talked with people in my community and with fellow ministers’ wives.  The comments out of their mouths have shocked me.  First some of the community people will simply say they do not believe in God or any god.  Others have told me they believe in God but not in organized religion because it is boring or there is strife within the churches.  Hmm, believing in God and not organized religion sounds like an oxymoron to me.  If you believe in God and what the Bible says then you must love the Church. 

Second, the few ministers’ wives I have spoken with are so discouraged. They do not see God at work in the church where they serve and as a result they are struggling in their personal walk with the Lord.  Ladies, God is at work in our churches.  Sometimes we have to look real hard to see past the internal strife but He is working-the Word being preached unashamedly, a prayer warrior on their knees storming the gates of heaven for the lost, etc.  He is also at work in our lives even when He seems distance.  In those cases, it is the individual who tends to turn away from the Lord.  Believe me, I have been there but when I look back, I can see God all over my life.

So sisters, become braggarts! What is God doing in your personal life?  Have you been healed?  During your quiet time is God revealing more and more to you? Has God walked with you during a dark time and brought you out in victory?  Brag! Also, brag about what God has been up to in the church where you serve.  Are people being saved and families joining? Is the Truth preached and taught? Brag!

Girlfriends, the world outside (and sometimes within) our church doors is LOST!  The one thing we can do as Christians is to boast about our Lord and what He is doing in our personal life and in our church. So brag away!

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