Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunday Overload

Have you ever had one of these Sunday schedules?

Pre-service prayer time.
Pre-service praise team and music rehearsal.
Sunday School.
Grab a quick bite for lunch
Afternoon wedding or baby shower
Upcoming musical rehearsal
Evening worship
Rush home to fix a quick light evening meal
Get the kids homework done
Get everything ready for the following week

Wait a minute!  Aren't Sunday’s designed to be a day of worship and rest?  Why do we think we can pack every activity in on a Sunday?  Why do so many ministers’ wives (and ministers) get overloaded?  Well, just look at this real schedule one of my sisters in ministry recently submitted to me. 

Too often our Sundays are packed with activities that take our eyes off the Lord.  We jump from one scheduled event to another and never pause to connect to the Lord.  Ministers’ wives especially seem to get overloaded.  People assume we will attend any and all events that are scheduled on Sundays.  In all honesty, I hate Sunday afternoon wedding/baby showers because it is the one day I can take a nap or just simply relax.

Of course, I am jumping on my soapbox on this next statement.  Our congregations expect ministers and their families to be at EVERYTHING on a Sunday, Wednesday, or other night but they do not make an attempt to attend.  At best the average church member will give the church only one hour a week. 

As a minister’s wife, I try to be gracious and handle the Sunday overload.  However, there are times when I am just exhausted.  I want a handful of M & M’s, a soft, warm blanket, and an afternoon nap.  It is at those times I simply say no to some Sunday events at church.  However sisters, I will not skip Sunday School or morning, evening or Wednesday worship.  I personally feel as a minister’s wife our families need to set an example to our congregations.  If our members see that church attendance is important to us, hopefully they will make it a priority in their own families. 

Just a reminder, Sunday overload is a serious problem. Even though we are in the ministry, the Lord needs our attention too.  Sundays are not about a jammed packed activity schedule.  It is about setting time aside in our hectic lives to worship the Savior.  We must learn to balance the Sunday overload.  Here are a couple of suggestions which have made my life a little easier over our years in ministry:

*Create a Crockpot meal for Sunday.  Place it in the Crockpot on Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.
*Have your children work a little each day on their homework.  On Saturday make sure the backpacks are packed. 
*Don’t attend all the showers.  You can easily purchase a small gift and personally deliver it to the guest of honor later.
*On Sunday, take a minute to pause and thank the Lord for your salvation and for your church family.  Also, pray hard for your husband who is also probably running on Sunday overload.

I would love to hear what some of your Sundays are like and how you handle the overload.  I need the help just as much as you do.

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