Thursday, January 29, 2015


I DO believe in the Power of Prayer......I guess that is why it appears that this entire week of blog is full of PRAYER REQUESTS.

I am typing this ahead of time because today, Roger and I are in Pigeon Forge at the 2015 Bi-Vocational Ministers and Wives Retreat.  Last year our granddaughter was born and we MISSED the retreat.  That was the first retreat that we had missed in 15 years.  Therefore, we have really looked forward to going this year.

However....I need your prayers.  I am a one-on-one person.  I do not do large groups....even though I am a teacher.  (That is different....)  Someone said, "Hey, you blog every five weeks."  That is different also.  When I blog, I do not see people.  Also, if a person does not want to read what I blog, they can skip it.  

Anyway, I was asked to be the "bi-vocational wife" that leads one of the sessions at this retreat.

Now, for any of you bi-vocational wives.......we ALL KNOW that Jenny is "suppose" to lead our sessions.  We LOVE Jenny;  she is so REAL.  However, this year, Bro. Ray wanted to invite Randy Davis and Jenny to be a part of our retreat, but to also give them some down time where they could sit back and relax since their schedules are very demanding throughout the year.

I got volunteered to be the "other speaker".

Okay....get the picture.........
  1. JENNY speaks on Thursday.
  2. I follow JENNY on Friday.
  3. TONY RANKIN (who we all know is also a wonderful speaker) will be leading the men at the same time that I am leading the women.

Did I mention that speaking in front of large groups is NOT anywhere near MY COMFORT ZONE?  

One thing about it....since speaking is out of my box, every time I DO find myself in a position where I am speaking at groups, I HAVE to lean on God....because Kathy can not do it herself.

All jokes aside..........I DO NEED YOUR PRAYERS......I will be speaking from 10:45-11:45 tomorrow, Friday, January 30th.

This is where I NEED YOU......
  • Please PRAY that God will speak through me
  • PRAY that I will feel God's presence.
  • Pray that He will remove my anxiety.
  • Pray that I will be KATHY and not worry about everyone else.
  • Last, but definitely not least....Pray that I will not speak TOO LONG.  (I tend to give the 9 month version and not just the birth.  Smile.)

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