Thursday, January 15, 2015

Twitter-Size Advice

When Diana Davis was working on her new book for ministry wives, “Six Simple Steps:  Find Contentment and Joy as a Ministry Wife”, she sent a note to her contact list of pastor wives with a request for our “wisdom”!

“Would you please email me a twitter-size piece of advice that you'd offer to a new minister's wife?” was her request.  Her desire was to use them throughout her book…and, sure enough, little twitter-size drops of wisdom from those who have lived the life as a ministry wife splash across the pages of her book.
Hummmm….I pondered her request!  What smidgen piece of advice would I give a new minister’s wife??  (Well, honestly, my first thought was, “about what size is a ‘twitter-size’ piece of advice???”).  My mind and heart was put into motion and a boo-koo (that’s slang for a bunch) of tweet-size thoughts began to spill out onto the computer screen.

I thought I would pass on to you what my “twitter-size” thoughts were….and, surprisingly; she actually used some of them in her book!!  After you check these out below….I’d LOVE for you all to share what your “twitter-size” piece of advice would be!!
  • There are mean people in church.  You have a choice to hold on to grudges or give grace.  Give much grace!!
  • Never underestimate the significance of the seemingly insignificant things you say or do or think!
  • Leave at least one thing left unsaid every day!
  • Never tell your children ‘we have to go to church’….instead say ‘we get to go to church’!  They will pick up on the positive instead of the negative.
  • Never tell your children that they can/can’t do such and such because they are the preacher’s kid.  Could they do it if they weren’t the PK?
  • Someone once asked me what was the best thing about being a preacher’s wife and the worst thing about it.  I thought for just a minute…and said, ‘my answer is the same for both!  People!’
  • In one church we served I discovered I was allergic to business meetings!  So…I would pray or visit the nursing home or help with kids during that time instead.
  • My first ministry is to my husband and children….and it is freeing to know that pleases God.
  • Do not allow what church members say about your husband (or you or your family) take your eyes off of what Jesus says about your husband, you and your family.  Pray for a holy ‘Rain-X’—for the words to simply run off and not penetrate.

Now….what are yours??? the book to see what others said!

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Becky said...

Gave her Deacon's Wives book to our dw's and we did a workshop using it. It was awesome. Can't wait to get this book. Love you Dana.