Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HELP....How Can I Encourage.....

Our church has been growing and was really on fire for God.  I mentioned several blogs ago to really pray for us because when "Good Things Happen", Satan is waiting to do whatever and use whoever he can to tear it down.

Satan is currently working over-time.  What started out as adding a little praise music to our Baptist Hymns and people complaining........quickly turned into "the younger ones that are on fire for God and bringing people in coming and going"............to the "older ones" complaining that the younger ones were taking over etc.

The "ones being used of Satan" are threatening to withhold tithes.  Roger told them to keep their money;  God would not bless money given so begrudgingly....and to not worry....God WOULD get HIS money and with interest.  It has gotten very nasty.

Our church is made up of about 80% of people under the age of 35.  However, the ones that are being  used by Satan, have now decided to wear those phones out and see if they can just get rid of the preacher.........".then the younger ones will leave...and their problems will be solved."

Roger is so close to throwing the towel in and walking away.  He says it is hurting his health, etc.  I feel that it is just Satan....and that most of our congregation is younger anyway, but he is so discouraged that he does not want to battle.  He said, "I have not done anything wrong.  All I have done is love them, pour our God's Word to them and try to keep peace."  I might add that initially, when he thought the battle was over the music, etc., he said if he left it would be because Roger wanted to leave and not because God said to leave....and THAT WOULD BE WRONG.  He then said, I KNOW this is the direction that God is leading our church so I am going to see it through.

This was ALL BEFORE they started the campaign to "VOTE THE PREACHER OUT".  

He feels it is a lose-lose situation and he is loosing a battle he never wanted to fight.

He said that right now if he leaves..........the younger 80% will leave and find them another church that they can work in and wins souls to Christ........and the 20% will stay, be happy and watch the church die along with them.

I keep trying to encourage him to not give Satan the victory, but it is getting harder and harder for me to encourage him when I am resenting all of the hurtful things and daggers when thrown at us.

I keep telling myself, what I tell everyone else........the people are not the enemy.  Satan is the enemy.  We need to pray for the people because they are being used of the devil..............................BUT.....in the middle of the storm it is hard to let that sink in.

Ladies....how do you encourage your husbands...when you are getting so discouraged yourself?  

This is tough.  We have at least five families that are wanting to join our church and we would not be surprised to see them walk the aisle at any service, but right now, Roger says that the way he feels, he could not let them join.........because he does not think it is fair to them to join into a war....and not even know what kind of  internal turmoil is brewing.

Please PRAY for our church and for Roger.  And, please, if you have ANY suggestions on how I can ENCOURAGE him when I don't feel very uplifted myself, I would welcome any and all suggestions.

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