Friday, May 29, 2015

On Mission

I am writing this post a few days prior to leaving for a ten day mission trip to Brazil.  I have a ton of packing to do and my list of what needs to be done before I go is growing.  Also, it seems at every turn our team is dodging Satan’s darts.  We have people sick, some with family issues, and my extended family is facing a major financial burden.  Then, we are still waiting on the approval of our Visas.  However, our team is excited.  Why?  God has called us to go and share His love. 

I love the fact that Jesus commands us to “go.”  He does not want us to sit in our church pews and do the “church” thing.  Yes, Jesus wants us to be faithful to his bride the Church but He also wants us to get our hands dirty in ministry. 

In order to get our hands dirty in ministry or missions, we must be willing to leave our comfort zone.  Now, the Lord has not pricked my heart to go to the deep jungles, but He has given me a heart to go and tell the world about Him. 

My first visit to Brazil took place about ten years ago.  I traveled with my husband, then the Partnership Missions Director for the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.  He went to set the groundwork for future mission groups.  It was then that God opened my heart to see the hungry hearts of the Brazilian people.  They are deeply spiritual; however, they often combine Christianity with cults, witchcraft, etc.  Because of this issue, the Brazilian Baptist Christians are intentional in disciplining their new converts. 

As we leave in a few days, I covet your prayers for our team.  Pray for our safety, health, and for our families back home.  (My husband and I are expecting our second grandchild on June 18th so we are praying Baby Lee #2 does not come while we are gone).  Pray for the Brazilian missionaries and pastors as the share Jesus.  Pray for open hearts to come to know Christ as their Savior. 

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