Monday, May 25, 2015

Swimming Upstream in Treacherous Waters

As a minister’s wife, I often find myself in battles.  I fight a daily battle in limiting my chocolate intake.  I rage war against the daily duties of juggling home life, family life, and church life.  I wrestle against the ruler of the world for my spiritual life.  What happens when our plans for the day do not match God’s plan for our day?

Let’s break it down a minute and see if any of these scenarios sound familiar.  (Every one of these scenarios has happened to me). 

*You really want to travel out of country for a mission trip and start the paperwork.  A couple of weeks before the trip, you get sick or suffer an injury that keeps you at home.

*You work hard all day at your job and want a quiet evening at home.  Instead you spend your evening at the hospital with a sick church member or your child informs you that he/she has a huge project due the next day.

*You are in the midst of spring cleaning the house.  Closets are emptied and the contents on the floor.  Bed linens are washing.  There are boxes marked for Goodwill, trash, and keep in the living room.  In other words, the house is a mess.  The door bell rings.  You open it to find friends who are passing through town and have decided to come for a surprise visit.

To be quite honest, often I begin my day without seeking what the Lord might need me to do.  I simply start my day “swimming upstream” thinking I can manage the current.  Before long I am in some treacherous water.  My patience runs thin.  I am irritable with my family.  My stress level is at the explosion point. 

I am slowly learning that doing things my way is not the Lord’s way.  When I start my day without spending time with the Lord, I fight a never-ending spiritual battle.  While Satan pulls at me one way,  the Lord is calling me to surrender to Him.  Some days I am so in tune to the Lord that I can feel Him next to me.  On other days, I barely keep my head above the crushing waves of life.

As a pastor’s wife, I have discovered that when I am in those treacherous waters of life and doing my own thing, I can desperately utter the name of Jesus and He will throw me a rescue ring.

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