Thursday, May 14, 2015

The DOING Generation

We came back home a few weeks ago from the Bi-Vocational Council Retreat Planning Meeting, where we share, discuss and plan for the next retreat.

At the meeting, we discussed how the newer generation is a "doing generation" and not so much a "planning and discussing committee."


My generation grew up sitting around and planning and discussing the things we could do for the Lord.  Most activities and missions were successful because of weeks and months of planning and discussing.

Today's generation says to forget that!   They want to not talk about it but DO IT.

While that mentality is taking a bit of getting use to for some of us old is making a lot of sense.

An example of this is a couple of guys at our church felt lead to go to the inner city and play basketball with the project kids.  Now....since it is in Rockwood, that just means that they go down to the public, outdoor basketball courts and play ball with the project kids.  They have been ministering to them since the first of the year.  Many of these project kids do not have a father figure in their lives.  They play ball with the boys and minister to them.  Then, on Sundays, they pick them up and take them to church.  Even the older boys do not have cars or anything.

Since the first of the of those 14 year old boys accept Christ as his Savior, joined out church and was baptized.  An 18 year old had been out of church and started attending our church and joined.  Sunday, a 19 year old joined our church and will be baptized in a couple of weeks.  ALL because two guys felt the call and DID IT.  They did not sit around and plan or even discuss it.  They got up and DID IT.

Another example of this is....the young guy that joined our church Sunday morning, shared that it was a tough weekend for him because he lost his mother three years ago.  Tuesday, of this week, his dad was rushed to the hospital.  He had a heart attack and had a touch of pneumonia.  Yesterday they transported him to Oakridge for Heart Surgery.  Yesterday.....on the spur of the moment, our Young Married Couples class got together and literally threw together some quick meal for the young man and his teenage sister.  Now, my generation would think we had to cook up a nice meal and bake from scratch a dessert, etc.  These young ladies.....had several nights worth of meals whipped up in no time.  They made spaghetti and chicken casserole, etc.  Then they bought snacks and drinks for them.  Ta-Da........they saw a need.................threw it together.........and the FAMILY appreciated it very much.

Being at our church going on 19 years.....I love how the younger ones learn from the older ones.  BUT....I also love how the younger generation is teaching us to DO IT.

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