Friday, July 17, 2015

A Reminder to Me

I have always loved getting caught up in a good, fiction book. Ted Dekker and Francine Rivers are two of my favorites. In recent years, I stumbled upon Lisa Samson in our local, public library and have found a new fave. (She's definitely worth checking out! Look for her newer "modern-day" stuff. I didn't like her older, historical stuff as much.)

This summer I have been intentional to read more novels and less social media. I've gotten a few under my belt so far and am glad to be on vacation this week to spend some more time lost in the pages of a good page turner.

As I was reading in the tub this evening, I realized the pastor's wife I was reading about was really too good to be true. I know the author didn't intend for her sweet character to add pressure to us ministers' wives, or to further perpetuate the stereotype of the typical piano-playing, solo-singing, hospital-visiting, pastor's wife. (And I only finished the second chapter!)

So maybe I am writing this more to myself this evening, or maybe you too need the reminder . . .

God has gifted and called me to be my husband's wife and to serve Him faithfully along side my husband. He did a good job creating me just the way He did.

It's more than okay that I don't play the piano and that I make a joyful noise singing from the pew. I am not as thoughtful as the fictional pastor's wife in the book, but I don't have to measure up to her or anyone else - in real life or just perceived.

Like the lyrics of an OLD Amy Grant song: "All I ever have to be is what He made in me."

By the way, who do you like to read?

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