Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?  I don't think I have ever slowed down long enough to make one. I enjoy hearing about everyone else's bucket lists though.

Back in May, Roger and I went "tent-camping" with out son and daughter-in-law.  (We use to go often when the kids were growing up, but it's been twenty plus years since we have tent-camped.)  We had long gotten rid of the tents that had not just dry-rotted, so we took our son's two man pop-up tent and an air mattress.  ;)

It wound up and rained most of the time we were there, but we enjoyed it very much.  There is nothing like cooking over the fire....even between the rain.

Our son and daughter-in-law own kayaks and really enjoy it.  I, personally am terrified of them.  I do not like flat-bottom boats, canoes or anything like that.  However, our son and daughter-in-law decided to rent them kayaks and while they were at it they rented us one a piece also.  

To risk being a party-pooper, I decided I would "pull up my big girl panties" and try it.  We wound up and went the entire six miles down the Obey River.  Did I mention that mid-way it came two VERY HARD down-pours, while we were in our individual kayaks?

Actually when I finally sat back and relaxed, it was very enjoyable an relaxing (except for the times we had to paddle.....)

No one thought I could do it or would do it.  Not only am I terrified.......I am not athletic at all.

When we got back to the camp ground, I had a feeling of accomplishment.  It felt good.  I did it.  I kayaked the entire six miles down the Obey River by myself.

I even told my family that if it had been on my bucket list, I could mark it off, but I never knew I wanted to ride a kayak so it was never even there.  smile.

How many times in our Christian lives do we miss the opportunity to feel good and feel accomplished............because we are afraid? 

What blessings are we missing because we fail to "pull up our big girl panties" and allow ourselves to be used of God?

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