Monday, July 13, 2015

Unforeseen Plans and Answered Prayers

I wasn't sure what to think as we drove by my husband's grandmother's old house when he exclaimed that it was for sale. We were curious to know the asking price and then surprised when it was quite a bit less than we had anticipated. The next thing I know, we are walking through it and dreaming about how this house would work for our family.

Literally in three days time we went from content in our home, with no plans to leave it, to having an offer accepted on a new one.

That was about 5 weeks ago and I find myself still scratching my head wondering how it all happened. Now, we find our current house is "under contract" and we are anticipating two closing dates.

My relaxing summer with my daughters has been overcome by a hurry-up-and-wait chaos of cleaning, house showings, meetings with contractors, gathering boxes, taking another load to Goodwill, packing, and more.

We had both felt for some time that God was preparing us for something. I assumed that it would involve a move, but thought that meant out-of-town, if not out-of-state. Yet, my husband's parents' health has not been great and we feel needed here more than ever. We wrestled with the struggle of honoring them and laying aside everything to follow Him. How could we do both? What was God asking of us?

Life change is not anything any of us takes lightly. Usually we pray and pray for weeks and even months over large decisions like moving and purchasing a house. However, for us, this time when God said, "This is my way, walk in it," we were ready.

While we had not prayed this direction specifically, we had been praying, not for weeks or months, but actual years. He had prepped us and prepared us so we could respond in action when He finally revealed to us His will. We just didn't know what He was doing as we watched Him close doors and seem so silent for so long.

He has confirmed His plans to us in so many big and little ways over the last month or so. Literally the timing of everything has been perfect. The details have simply fallen into place as we continue to walk in faith.

I believe with my whole heart that the many months of seeking His face has brought us to this place. While it was unexpected to us, it was not to Him. He wastes nothing, including time. Hang in there dear friend. You may not know how or when but God is hearing and answering your prayers. Remember God has a bigger plan for you than you can imagine.

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