Thursday, July 23, 2015

Don't Give Up

We never have a very big garden, but we do try to plant a few things.  This year, because it kept raining, we were late getting our garden out.  Then it rained some more and washed the seeds away.  We were just about ready to give up and plow it up again and call it quits.................then suddenly, slowly but surely some of the things began to grow.

I was able to can one canning of beans and we had several messes of them.  If the ground will ever dry up enough, I am sure I will probably have at least one more canning.

Not a lot of beans.  But, we have beans left from last year, so God is only giving us what we need.

I have canned tomatoes, squash relish, and salsa.  I have also froze squash and okra.

The little garden spot that we were close to giving up on, has provided us with tomatoes, beans, squash, okra, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, asparagus, potatoes and more.  What a blessing it is to pick fresh produce and prepare it for later by canning or freezing.  I LOVE it.  I think I've mentioned of my all time favorite sounds is the "pop" of a can sealing.

Look what joy I would have missed and what a blessing my family would have missed had we "given up" earlier.

Have we ever been guilty of giving up and throwing the towel in .......on people?  People we thought we were wasting our times on?  Sometimes it just takes TIME and PATIENCE to see God's work.

The end results are worth the wait......

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