Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Don't You Wish . . . ?

I just finished a phone conversation with one of my girlfriend ministers' wives.  We were sharing about our Christmas events and catching up on details for our upcoming 2016 state ministers' wives events.  Finally, we both started laughing, and I blurted out, "Don't wish you could sometimes have a normal Christmas holiday without all the ministry stuff involved?"  My girlfriend laughed and squealed, "and miss church one Sunday and not be questioned about where you were?"

This conversation started when I simply said my husband took vacation the week after Christmas.  Since my brother and his family came to our home for Christmas, our intentions were to stay in town for the Sunday after Christmas but go to church with my youngest son and wife.  However, because of a mid-December business meeting decision that was tabled but had to have an answer by January 1, 2016, our plans had to change.  Instead, we were at our church for a special called business session which lasted a total of two minutes.

Well, phone conversation kept rolling for a bit longer.  Girlfriend, you know you are safe when you are laughing with a sister in ministry and she blurts out what you are thinking.  Hmm, this thought may have popped out.  "Do you ever wish you could chain the doors of the church and see how many people ACTUALLY get upset?"  "Do you ever wish you could call individuals who have not been to church in months and tell them that their names have been removed from the membership?" (Now, don't get upset here.  I am not talking about those precious prayer warrior shut ins or those who are suffering from an illness).  No, we were talking about those people who prance into church once every two or three months in order to check off the box that they were there.

Ladies, there are a lot of "don't you wish" thoughts out there.  However, when someone asks me if I ever wish my husband was in another line of work, I honestly answer with a loud NO.  Because if we were in any other line of employment, we would not be in the Lord's will.

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