Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Days, Snow Days.....

I think just about EVERYONE in Tennessee saw some "Snow Days" this past week.  I've heard excitement.............I've heard complaining........I've heard all kinds of opinions.

I, for one......ENJOYED my time off.  I stayed inside and stayed warm and got a lot done.

Back during the holidays, our son and daughter-in-law spent several days with us.  A couple of years ago, when my sewing machine was on it's last family gave me a new sewing machine for my birthday in October.  What a surprise!  I LOVED my new machine and enjoyed sewing on it.  It also had an embroidery attachment to it.........and the kids were excited about that for me. seemed too complicated, so I never took the time to figure it out.

During our kid's visit, our daughter-in-law u-tubed and was determined to figure out how to embroidery for me.  Sound simple enough........BUT.....the embroidery part of the machine was in a plastic box in the bottom of the many, many bins in our "JUNK ROOM".  Yes, we all have them..............mine was probably more JUNK than most.  lol.

Months ago, my husband put a long counter top in the "Junk Room" and said we would make that into my "Sewing/Craft Room".  It had previously been a wall-to-wall book shelf study.

In the process of finding the missing embroidery parts..........I got motivated and decided it was NOW or NEVER.  Slowly, but surely I began going through the "Junk Room."  To shorten the story...............many, many trips to the dump and to Goodwill later............I have an organized "Sewing/Craft Room."  A room with lots of clear plastic boxes on the shelves but NO BINS in the floor.  I LOVE IT.  ( daughter-in-law DID manage to teach me how to embroider on my sewing machine.)

During the Snow Days........I got in "MY ROOM" and sewed and sewed.  I embroidered names on cloth....then turned the cloth into bibs for two precious babies.  I made hair bows.  I started working on matching dresses for my granddaughter and her American Girl doll.  I was LOST in my PROJECTS............and ENJOYED every minute of it.

Before the "Purging and Cleaning" of THE ROOM.............I dreaded working on projects.  You had to dig through boxes....gather up all of the materials.  Take them to the dining table and begin working.  Barely getting was time to clean up and put away.  YULK.

Doesn't sometimes we allow our lives to get "piled up and junked up" with things that don't need to be there?  It causes us to miss out on blessing because it gets in the way of our joy. I have discovered that when I "clean out my life of STUFF" I enjoy it more and allow myself more time with God and enjoy receiving more blessings.  

CLUTTER.........with in our lives or in our "Junk Rooms" is NOT WELCOME......and may we all DE-CLUTTER and ENJOY MORE.

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