Monday, February 15, 2016

BE All God Wants

Be All God Wants.  I struggle with being all God wants versus what I want versus what others want....perhaps you also struggle with this.

Be All God Wants.    Be All God Wants.  BE ALL GOD WANTS.  Be All God Wants.  I have said those four words over and over and over in my mind for the past few months.  I have pondered them.  Journaled them.  Prayed over them.  Been a little obsessed with them.  And now I want you to do the same!!!

I ask myself many questions  (and I want you to ask them as well):

What all does God want?
Do I even want to be all God wants?
How do I be all God wants?
How do I know if I am being all God wants?

As I ask myself those (and many, many other) questions, I also am making a perpetual, on-going, seemingly endless list of the things scripture tells me I am to ”be”.  Here is where I am so far (notice it is in ABC order too!!  A little obsessive compulsive I suppose)

God wants me to be…

Aware of his presence, Baptized, Caretaker for less fortunate, Comforted, Compassionate, Content, Courageous, Dependent on Him, Disciple/d, Empathetic, Encourager/Encouraged, Engaged, Faithful, Fearless, Filled with the Holy Spirit, Focused on Him, Forgiver/Forgiven, Free, Fruitful, Generous, Giver, Grace giver, Healed, Helpful, His, Holy, Honest, Humble/Humbled, In His word, Joyful, Kind, Listener, Living for His glory, Loving/Loved, Mature, Mended, Merciful, Mine, Not afraid, Obedient, Of good cheer, Overcome with awe, Overcomer, Pardoned, Patient, Perfect/mature, Prayerful, Prepared, Present, Pure, Quiet, Ready, Real, Reconciled, Rescued, Satisfied, Saved, Self-sacrificing for others, Steadfast, Still and know He is God, Strengthened, Strong, Sympathetic, Thankful, Trusting Him, Truthful, Victorious, Wise as serpents, Witness, Worshipper

Shew!!  That’s a lot….and I know this is not even close to a comprehensive list!!  Would you please make a list too?  Would you share with me what is on your list that has not made it to mine yet?  The obsessive compulsive part of me wants this to, in some weird way, be complete!!  Oh my chili!!  Be complete!!  Colossians 2:10 tells me that He has made me complete!!  I must add "be complete" to my list!!  OK, so I must let go of the desire for my BE list to ever be a comprehensive/complete one!!

Notice that the phrase/question is not what does God want me to DO….but what does God want me to BE! 

The beautiful thing is that God is far more concerned with who I BE than what I DO!!  (Forgive the grammar but I know you understand why I did it that way).  When I BE all He wants….then I will DO all He wants and it pleases Him and brings Him much glory.

For me, and I am pretty sure many of you, this is hard because we are DOERS!  I love a list of what I need to DO.  I feel productive when I check each item off of the list….but I also can feel guilty when I don’t get it done.  I can also neglect the BEING part because I am so busy DOING.

BE all God wants VERSUS DO all God wants!!  The DOING comes after BEING…if I DO without BE….it can be burned up like wood and hay and straw (1 Corinthians 3:12).  It can sound like a noisy gong or a clanging symbol (1 Corinthians 13:1).

If we are not careful our DOING becomes rules and regulations and religion and works and then we want/require/need attaboys and affirmation for all we are DOING because we are doing it for ourselves or others and not for the glory of God.  And, watch out now, here it comes, we can become like a Pharisee!!!

Beware of being like a Pharisee!!  I recently heard it said that if you automatically don’t think you are acting like a Pharisee that you probably are!!  Yikes!!  In Luke 5 the Pharisees were devoted…lots of outward obedience.  DOING but not BEING.

They separated themselves from everything they thought unholy and they thought everyone was separated from God’s love except themselves.  Do we do that?  Does the church do that?  Do ministry wives do that?

Can we sit with critical eyes and hearts, just like the Pharisees in Luke 5, ready to pounce?  Doing, doing and doing without being?

God cares more about who we are than what we do.  He delights in a broken and contrite heart more than sacrifice (Psalm 51:16-17).

BE all God wants!  It is a process…BEING all God wants—a sanctification process…where I long to BE more like Him in character and will.  The ONLY way I can BE any of the things on the list above is through His Power!! 

Father, I long to BE all you want me to BE…

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