Wednesday, February 10, 2016

June Cleaver or Lucy

In our glass house world, are you June Cleaver or Lucy?
If you are too young to remember who these ladies are, let me explain.  June Cleaver was the fictional TV mother to a son nick-named Beaver.  She was the idea of the 1950’s mom.  She wore dresses, heels, and pearls while cleaning, cooking and entertaining.  She even managed to deal with mischievous Beaver.  If you have ever watched an old rerun of “Leave It to Beaver,” you find yourself asking the question why?  Why is she wearing a dress, heels, and pearls to clean the house or cook?  Why is nice china gracing the supper table?  Why? Why? Why?  (One question I want to ask of June Cleaver is how in the whole she manages not to pull a run in her hose while scrubbing the floor and baseboards). 

Most of you have seen old episodes of the Lucy show.  This sitcom portrays the world of a scatterbrained redhead who is married to a Cuban musician.  Although her world at times may be glamorous, Lucy always ends up in some kind of mess or mischief.  Her life is full of mishaps from attempting to work in a chocolate factory to being the spokeswoman for an “energy” tonic.  Life for Lucy is full of distractions which lead to burnt meals and at times a messy house.  However, Lucy always has her best friend Ethel by her side.

So I ask you . . . are you June Cleaver or Lucy in your ministry glass house world?

Personally, I am a Lucy.  I tend to become easily distracted which has often led to many burnt meals.  My family fondling refers to the ruined meals as “burnt sacrifices.”  Housekeeping is not fun for me either.  Oh, I keep the clothes washed, bathrooms shining, and mopped.  However, if it is a nice day outdoors, you will find me enjoying nature.  Before you judge me, remember that God gives us each day and He says to rejoice in them.  When the sun shines I rejoice . . . outdoors . . . enjoying nature.

This week I managed to actually clean the house, get the laundry done and cook some meals (without burning them).  Actually it has probably been three weeks since our home has been this clean.  Why?  I am little distracted keeping my grandsons, three year old Gideon and seven month old Jude, five days a week while their mommy works.  I can’t be worried about mopping a floor and folding laundry when I have an active three year old on the loose.  Then I must cuddle my JuJu Bean.  And no!  I do not wear heels, hose, dresses and pearls while loving my babies.  Most days I am in my exercise workout clothes (yes, I consider babysitting a definite workout), my hair barely combed, and no makeup. 

So ladies, I choose to be my hero, Lucy, who enjoys life in her little world.  Someday if you are in the neighborhood, peek in the windows of my glass house.  You will find me on the floor with these little boys building castles with Legos or we might be under a tent made from quilts reading The Cat in the Hat.

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Sara said...

You don't have to peek in the windows to see which I am. I can promise you my windows aren't clean. ;)